The world has never been smaller and, simultaneously, as deeply challenged. Our future demands creative, collaborative minds to act as global citizens. Certainly we all have primary responsibilities closer to home - our families, our neighborhoods, our cities - but there’s no future alone. The 90 posters in this show are mirrors offering glimpses of each other and reflections of ourselves. They are also a global proxy for conversations which can provoke laughter, political debate, and wonder at the great talent of others. This show sets aside a time and space for us as artists, designers and audience members to model the world we want to inhabit. Let’s enjoy it fully.
The Seattle-Istanbul Poster Show is an international poster exhibition curated by Daniel R. Smith (USA) and Ardan Ergüven (Turkey) and organized with support from Marmara University Faculty of Fine Arts. The exhibition brings together 60 designers from USA and Turkey through cultural poster design, launching a visual dialogue between Seattle and Istanbul. It features 90 posters selected on a conceptual and aesthetic basis with the aim of developing cross-cultural communication between the two countries.

Client: The Seattle - Istanbul Poster Show

Graphic Design

Art Director:
Dilara Şebnem Esendemir