In our modern world actions of countries to due protect their borders and hustle attitude towards rest of the world one of the strongest reasons of human rights violations and income justices. The geography priorly who obtained privileges from sharing limited sources unfairly worked up inequality. The procedures that making harder to immigrate to another country also sustain the inequality on borders. And the other hand, oppressive methods which countries used for establish the authority also reduce the quality of life. The one which legal is not necessarily right all the time. Establish a Country Manual examines countries which is main part of our modern political system. Our aim is when participants start to establish their fictional countries they start to think about existing countries and their operation principals. Do countries are ideal for fair and sustainable life? Is a different system possible? Are countries are untouchable and sacred as said? Can we establish a country if we want? As part of Establish a Country Manual, I designed a guide book and an exhibition that shows how to establish a country. Being exemplarily of the guide book I made 5 different story / country and flags, posters, and different visuals. Purpose of these visuals explain the each story better and give them a feeling that they’re really there.

Client: None

Services: Editorial Design, Content Creation, Illustration

Art Director: Doğukan Karapınar