Gramie is a premiere music store and retail platform with variety of services for both music listeners and artists. Gramie services and communications platform connect artists with a network of professionals providing, label services and distribution management solutions. Gramie offers users physical and digital music releases from global recording artists on a one off purchase, pay as you go, subscription or non subscription basis. Gramie connects people and cultures through music with a great understanding for both creators and listeners. We designed a comprehensive brand ID for Gramie to represent the brand seamlessly across many different communication platforms and mediums. Gramie has a dynamic logo system to create alternating logos by using unique brand assets. Gramie visual world is the blend of abstract imagery and bright colors. 3D assets are the core elements of this world. The assets are the tool for reflecting Gramie personality in any visual media.

Gramie Music

Art Direction, Graphic Design, 3D Graphics

Art Director:
Dilara Şebnem Esendemir, Doğukan Karapınar